“Syria was like a garden, full of different flowers,” says an educator. He adds: “We were like a single family, we loved each other”. Different religions co-existed in Syria. People from different backgrounds lived peacefully before they were forced to leave their country, their home and their family. The war left Syria in ruins, and peace still remains an ideal far off in the distance.

Now, Syrians push for co-existence in a foreign land, which they cannot call home. 

With unprecedented access, A-Way narrates the story of what they remember of the lives they left behind and what happens next. It documents the perspectives of Syrian refugees living in Turkish camps in Gaziantep, Sanliurfa and Mardin, who share dreams, ambitions and a lasting passion for a peaceful life. That intimacy is reflected in the film and is what renders it gripping. After watching A-Way, viewers will be struck by the unconditional love Syrian refugees feel for their country and the resilience of their faith that keeps them alive.

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